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A Heart/Classic Rock Cover Band

GET READY! For “Magic Man”, “Barracuda”, “These Dreams”, “Oldest Story in the World” and other timeless songs from Heart's back catalog. Based in Atlanta, Heartisans is a Heart tribute band sharing their versatile and soulful interpretations with passion for the music of Ann & Nancy Wilson.

From two members performing Heart's "Love Alive", the coincidence led to the formation of Heartisans. These five musicians are all lifelong fans of the music of Ann & Nancy Wilson. Each member has been part of a successful cover band or original project. The chance to play in a HEART cover band has been a dream come true. They are as keenly versed on the deep cuts along with Heart's stone-cold classics. To spice things up, they also explore some of the various cover songs that the Wilson Sisters & company have performed throughout the years. From soft ballads to hard-driving rhythms, Heartisans offers up the full HEART experience with authenticity and soul.

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Heartisans ATL perform Barracuda

Heartisans ATL perform Even It Up

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Heartisans perform Little Queen

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